Three’s a crowd–and I don’t like crowds.

“The homemade pie has been under siege for a century, and surely its survival is endangered.” ― Janet Clarkson, Pie: A Global History It is not meant for me to take a pie to a dinner. The first one to take a dive, so to speak, was chess. I was testing it for doneness. TheContinue reading “Three’s a crowd–and I don’t like crowds.”

TomTom is gone.

I have grieved but not nearly as much as my dad. He made friends with the little grey and white kitten the first time TomTom crawled up the bank from the ravine. Dad was working outside and talked to his new friend every day until the cat was no longer afraid of him. Tom mightContinue reading “TomTom is gone.”

Cap’n Crunch & Crackers

When I shook my top in the bathroom this morning, a full serving of Cap’n Crunch and olive oil crackers floated to the floor. I crave something crunchy; we only thought of carrots and celery today. I managed to sit on the toilet, sort of spread-eagle, and picked up three cereal pieces and half aContinue reading “Cap’n Crunch & Crackers”

If you don’t like the weather today…

We’re pressure-washing the porch rails today. Last Sunday we might have used the pressure washer to de-ice the driveways. January 24. Cabin fever, ah, yes. This sickness will make a girl jump up on the tables at the local Pizza Hut and cut loose a wild frug. I didn’t have cabin fever last week, but I do rememberContinue reading “If you don’t like the weather today…”

Olives for Christmas

We were having some trouble finding a date for the annual Holiday get-together. This bunch is a busy lot: Dad having surgery on December 10 and the endless accompanying doctor and lab visits before that; Carly (of JJVC*) dancing in four Nashville Ballet performances of The Nutcracker and her dad John traveling for work; DDE* leaving forContinue reading “Olives for Christmas”

Compound Pondering

My asthma has been kicking me around a bit this spring, and I’m tired of it. Tired of wheezing and congestion. Tired of limiting my activity. Tired of staying inside when I want to be out. I remember my trip to ASAP, Vanderbilt’s Asthma, Sinus, and Allergy Program, the one where they stuck me withContinue reading “Compound Pondering”

Kristmas Gone Kerflooey, Part III: Bolting Past New Year’s Day!

It’s hard to be writing about December and January when Dad is out in the yard. He put on his overalls, an orange plaid long-sleeved shirt, and his farmer’s hat. He’s already got his garden going, with a row of cabbage, He came to The Cellar door to ask what he could do for me inContinue reading “Kristmas Gone Kerflooey, Part III: Bolting Past New Year’s Day!”