On the 7th day of moving…

Looking back to Moving Day 7  – from Month 9 after The Move.    October 21, 2009  I’m already at that point where there’s a certain amount of joy over a broken glass…it means I don’t have to find a place to put it! We have more total space at this new “house” (hereinafter referred toContinue reading “On the 7th day of moving…”

Moving…it started this way

This is what is commonly called “backstory.”  Or maybe it’s just a flashback. August 20, 2009  –  Dave and I are going to move. Not far away but to somewhere completely different from the upper-middle affluence of Brentwood. We’ve been in dialogue for some time with my nearing-80-year-old parents. It’s time for them to leaveContinue reading “Moving…it started this way”

Blackberries…it’s summer, so hot

It’s so hot on the ravine – really hot.  Mom and I decided that it’s just too hot to garden.  Well, Mom doesn’t garden; Daddy gardens.  That doesn’t stop her from deciding things like that.  Last week, we went to Murfreesboro, about 30 miles away, to pick up a new arbor for the gardens.  MomContinue reading “Blackberries…it’s summer, so hot”