Happy Birthday-Day!

Got a text from my elder son and his wife, photos of my youngest grandson, Jaxton.

Can you read Jaxton's birthday message?
Can you read Jaxton’s birthday message?

Oh, me, it’s THAT day. Friday, August 8, 2014. Sixty-five. I am sixty-five. I don’t really believe that so I keep saying it.

Dad helped Jaxton hold the greeting.
Dad helped Jaxton hold the greeting.

Sometimes I even say some swear words after. I look in the mirror, without makeup, and tell myself it could be worse. I decide to take a birthday selfie.

Scary. Downright scary.
Scary. Downright scary.
Tried again from my good side. Only slightly improved.
Tried again from my good side. Only slightly improved.

Now, don’t think I hate this. I don’t. I am lov-lov-loving having a Medicare Advantage plan–Wow!
Here’s the plan for the day, you know, in case you forgot.
10:00 A.M. Mom and I to Virtue Nails for manicure and pedicure. Well, I get both, but Mom likes to do her own fingernails so she’s just getting her toes done.
11:30 or so…To Wal-Mart Neighborhood Store to shop for groceries. I imagined that we could be home by 12:30. Dave and I could jet out for an afternoon cocktail–but just one, because we eat and drink light on Fridays pending the (WW) meeting on Saturday morning at 8:00 A.M.

Originally, we planned to do the big celebration on Saturday night. We have a family event for pretty much everyone’s birthday and it took a while for us to find a good date for this one. My daughter-in-law Anjie and I always celebrate together since her birthday is August 14. She’s having a big one this year, too–turning forty! John and Vicky are hosting at their house. August 9 was out because of tickets to the Ryman for a date with David Gray and Jameson and Carly were headed here for a Grammy night. I didn’t know the singer. John reminded me that Gray had a charted song a few years ago with “Babylon.” (Well, of course, I checked it out on YouTube.) We finally settled on August 17.

Two seniors in their pedicure chairs!
Two seniors in their pedicure chairs! I’m wearing my new necklace, a gift from Dave.

Yesterday I asked Mom what color she was going to have on her toes. She said she didn’t know. I said I was not going to get purple this time and she answered, “Me, either. I’m thinking about blue.”
“I’ve got two blues and they’re really good polish. I’ll try to remember to bring them.”
I called her at 9:15. “Mom, we’re not leaving at 9:30. It will be 9:45.”

I handed her three bottles of nail polish before we drove away from the house, the two blues and one dusty purple. She liked the purple one best. “I think I am going to get purple, even though I said I wasn’t.”

“Whichever one you like best,” I said.

When we turned the corner to the connecting street, Mom announced, “I am taking you to brunch for your birthday!”

“I don’t know, Mom. You know, I have to weigh tomorrow morning.”

65th Birthday gift from Dave. A peridot and copper tree, my birthstone, with ruby (Jade's) and aquamarine (John's).
65th Birthday gift from Dave. A peridot and copper tree, my birthstone, with ruby (Jade’s) and aquamarine (John’s).

“You can find something...”

“Where did you have in mind?” I asked.

“I was thinking Applebee’s. But we could go wherever you would like.”

“Okay, let me think about it.”

It takes a long time for an elderly person to get to a destination. Although we always tuck Mom’s walker (Dolly) into the van, she uses a cane when the distances are short. There’s no curb cut anywhere near Virtue Nails, so I have to help Mom step up the eight inches or so to the sidewalk. We made it into the shop almost ten minutes late, but no one cared. Both technicians were waiting. Mom toddled back and Calvin, her favorite, helped her up and in her chair. Wi waited for me while I chose a bright coral polish.

You can see one coral toe. Wi refused to look up.
You can see one coral toe. Wi refused to look up.

He wished me a happy birthday, and with a big grin on his face, asked Mom, “How old is your sister?” Mom was delighted. She knows Wi knows that she’s my mother, but still she liked it.
The lettuce wedge salad was great, the tomato basil soup, not so good. Mom chose something called Caramel Pretzel Bites for dessert.
When we got home a couple hours later, there were flowers on the dining room table, and later Dave and I enjoyed jumbo boiled shrimp, our usual Friday custom, and drank wine. Sometime during my birthday month, we’re going out to dinner, but we’re not exactly sure where we’ll go.There’s plenty of time to decide. Why be in such a rush?2014-08-10 17.17.48

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