The Foxes Are Back!

Dave saw them first and was so excited he stuttered a little.   “Two…two f-f-foxes just r-r-ran into the ravine!” I was too slow that time, but just a couple minutes later, he said, “They’re crossing that big log! Come quick!” That time I made it to the dining room window in time to spot theContinue reading “The Foxes Are Back!”

Lent…and New Year’s Resolutions

 Boy-oh-boy, Ash Wednesday seemed to come early this year—what to give up for Lent, what to take on, what to lose, what to find, what to… I’m still pondering my New Year’s Resolutions. I made some. It took me until January 11 to adopt my list of intended personal improvements for 2013. I make resolutionsContinue reading “Lent…and New Year’s Resolutions”