The Last Best Place on Earth

For Dad, it’s Alive Hospice, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The Nashville facility was full and the admissions nurse so determined that Dad needed to be there that she sent him to the Murfreesboro campus at midnight Friday. Daddy rests in a large room halfway between the nurse’s desk and a family room containing comfortable chairs, recliners, andContinue reading “The Last Best Place on Earth”

Ins and Outs, Part 1

I have two mental lists of “Things that indicate that I’m old”—even though I’m not. Old. List #1-Visible Signs: Chin hairs. Need I say more? Wrinkles. I don’t have many, though—because I am plump. The way I get up out of a chair after sitting for a while. I tend to walk like Fred SanfordContinue reading “Ins and Outs, Part 1”