Cindy Louise Santana Guinn died yesterday morning. Around the Compound, we are all numb with shock. She was one of the younger kids in her family, and her brothers and sisters, nieces are devastated as is her twelve-year-old son, Connor. An ambulance took her to the hospital Wednesday morning and, two days later, she wasContinue reading “Sunflowers”

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Grillo!

I have this card (or maybe I had this card) that says something like, “Roses are red, Violets are blue, I’ll always be…[open the card] younger than you!” I can’t find it. Mrs. Grillo and I became forever friends in seventh grade, some fifty-six years ago. My family had only been in California six months, livingContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Mrs. Grillo!”

All Is Well

Audrey scooped Breyer’s Vanilla Bean and generously dusted it with Hawaiian Pink sea salt. “Watch,” she said. “I just want you to see how much salt you need to use.” Then she finished with a generous pour of peppery Kiler Ridge Gregg’s Reserve olive oil and placed our desserts in front of us. Olive oil.Continue reading “All Is Well”